What is Fax to E-mail?

Fax to Email provides small businesses with a confidential, efficient and green fax to email solution on either existing or ported Geographic (01, 02, 03) and Non Geographic Numbers (0844, 0871). Along with a choice of numbers and the ability to move costly existing fax machines to this service, you will also benefit from an online management portal, allowing complete management of fax numbers and email addresses, and the ability to archive received faxes in a secure environment. All of this is available at a single fixed monthly rate with no call charges!


  • No need to pay for hardware or phone lines
  • No need to pay for ongoing maintenance, toner and paper
  • A green fax solution – no paper waste, no ink related pollution, no power consumption
  • Instant establishment and delivery of faxes
  • Easily and securely archive and share information with colleagues online
  • Receive faxes off-site and through mobile email

For further details please contact kenneth@unitedbusinesstelecoms.co.uk